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Stats for 29th of November 2005

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  The November 29th 2005 Count Report

Rank Domain Registered Comments Designation  
1.COM21,336,063 Commercial
2cheap movers nyc5,459,604 Germany / Deutschland
3.NET3,631,270 roof repairs dallas
4.CO.UK3,080,659 UK Commercial
5cheap movers nyc2,333,855 sass and bide dress
6roof repairs dallas828,223 Information
7criminal attorney chicago681,779 Italy
8sass and bide dress666,399 Business
9.NL617,045 The Netherlands *
10.CC581,147 Cocos (Keeling) Islands *
11.TV473,168 Tuvalu *
12.COM.AR463,571 Argentina
13.CH442,512 Switzerland *
14.BR406,355 Brazil
15.CO.KR403,556 Korea, Republic of (South)
16.DK378,996 Denmark *
17.US315,215 United States
18.CA272,071 Canada
19.COM.AU254,168 Australia Commercial *
20.WS253,029 Samoa *
21.CO.JP231,478 Japan Commercial *
22.ORG.UK220,162 UK Organization
23.BE189,634 Belgium
24.CZ161,478 Czech Republic
25.NO161,250 Norway
26.AT156,492 Austria
27.FR154,067 France *
28.PL139,085 Poland
29.RU137,504 Russia
30.CO.NZ132,264 New Zealand Commercial
31.GA.JP130,237 Japan (ASCII characters) *
32.COM.CN105,468 China Commercial
33.SE102,000 Sweden
34.COM.TW93,480 Taiwan Commercial
35.CL76,077 Chile
36.TO70,916 Tonga
37.COM.MX63,842 Mexico Commercial
38.GP.JP61,889 Japan (japanese characters) *
39.CO.IL58,300 Israel Commercial
40.COM.HK55,086 Hong Kong Commercial
41.SK49,644 Slovakia
42.ES36,539 Spain
43.FI34,674 Finland
44.SCH.UK31,678 UK School
45.PE.KR30,899 Korea Personal *
46.RO30,369 Romania
47.MS29,949 Montserrat
48.AS28,614 American
49.IE27,207 Ireland *
50.COM.TR26,154 Turkey Commercial
51.PT24,578 Portugal
52.OR.KR19,959 Korea Organization
53.NE.JP19,520 Japan Network *
54.IDV.TW18,221 Taiwan Network
55.NET.CN17,584 China
56.LI15,607 Liechtenstein *
57.OR.JP14,586 Japan Organization *
58.LT13,444 Lithuania
59.LTD.UK12,518 UK Private Limited Company
60.EE12,105 Estonia
61.SI11,169 Slovenia
62.GR.JP11,167 Japan Arbitrary Organization *
63.HR9,584 Croatia
64.CO8,673 Colombia
65.NET.AR8,477 Argentina Network
66.PK8,325 Pakistan
67.IS7,769 Iceland
68.EDU7,329 Educational
69.TC7,184 The Turks & Caicos Islands
70.FM6,790 Micronesia
71.ORG.AR6,532 Argentina Organization
72.ME.UK5,766 UK Personal
73.AC4,954 Ascension Island
74.VG4,434 Virgin Islands British
75.GG4,132 Guernsey
76.KZ4,092 Kazakhstan
77.EDU.TW4,048 Taiwan Educational
78.NET.TW3,768 Taiwan Network
79.GT3,392 Guatemala
80.JE3,313 Jersey
81.GS3,211 South Georgia and the South Sandwic
82.TM3,079 Turkmenistan
83.MK2,962 Macedonia
84.ORG.MX2,944 Mexico Organization
85.SH2,905 St. Helena
86.VU2,832 Vanuatu
87.AM2,660 Armenia
88.LY2,292 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
89.NE.KR2,197 Korea Network
90.CO.IN2,159 India
91.AZ2,101 Azerbaijan
92.BM2,013 Bermuda
93.CO.HU1,959 Hungry Commercial
94.LK1,927 Sri Lanka
95.BG1,856 Bulgaria
96.GL1,584 Greenland
97.PLC.UK1,559 UK Public Limited Company
98.GOB.MX1,479 Mexico Global
99.EDU.MX1,422 Mexico Educational
100.GOV1,342 US GOV
101.BY1,144 Belarus
102.IM994 Isle of Man
103.MW991 Malawi
104.GOV.AR969 Argentina Goverment
105.DJ955 Djibouti
106.UG927 Uganda
107.SN916 Senegal
108.AD874 Andorra
109.GE867 Georgia
110.GM851 Gambia
111.FO788 Faroe Islands
112.MN714 Mongolia
113.SM687 San Marino
114.NET.MX648 Mexico Network
115.GI535 Gibraltar
116.COM.AI523 Anguilla Commercial
117.CI461 C繫te d'Ivoire
118.GP343 Guadeloupe
119.ORG.IN233 India Organization
120.VI218 Virgin Islands U.S
121.MX177 Mexico
122.AC.IN172 India Academic
123.DZ149 Algeria
124.INT94 International Organizations *
125.GOV.IN93 India
126.NET.IN88 India
127.MIL80 US Dept of Defense
128.CM79 Cameroon
129.COM.AL70 Albania Commercial
130.RES.IN55 India
131.CV51 Cape Verde (no URL)
132.GOV.AL50 Albania Government
133.ORG.AL36 Albania Organization
134.AF34 Afghanistan (no URL)
135.EDU.AL22 Albania Educational
136.FIRM.IN17 India
137.GEN.IN12 India
138.MIL.IN4 India
139.IND.IN2 India
140.NET.AL2 Albania Network
141.AERO0coming in MayAviation
142.COOP0coming in MayCo-Operative Organizations
143.MUSEUM0coming in MayMuseums
144.NAME0coming in MayName
145.AC.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Academic
146.AC.FJ Still Polling Fiji Academic
147.AE Still Polling United Arab Emirates
148.AG Still Polling Antigua and Barbuda
149.AQ Still Polling Antarctica
150.AW Still Polling Aruba
151.BB Still Polling Barbados
152.BF Still Polling Burkina Faso
153.BH Still Polling Bahrain
154.BI Still Polling Burundi
155.BIZ.FJ Still Polling Fiji Biz
156.BS Still Polling Bahamas
157.BZ Still Polling Belize *
158.CD Still Polling Congo, Democratic republic of the
159.CF Still Polling Central African Republic
160.CG Still Polling Congo, Republic of
161.CO.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Commercial
162.CO.KE Still Polling Kenya Commercial
163.COM.BM Still Polling Bermuda Commercial
164.COM.BO Still Polling Bolivia Commercial
165.COM.FJ Still Polling Fiji Commercial
166.COM.MH Still Polling Marshall Islands Commercial
167.COM.TN Still Polling Tunisia Commercial
168.COM.YE Still Polling Yemen Commercial (no URL)
169.CX Still Polling Christmas Island
170.DO Still Polling Dominican Republic
171.ED.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Educational
172.EG Still Polling Egypt
173.ET Still Polling Ethiopia
174.FI.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Financial Sector
175.GF Still Polling French Guiana
176.GH Still Polling Ghana
177.GO.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Government
178.GOV.BO Still Polling Bolivia Government
179.GOV.FJ Still Polling Fiji Government
180.GOV.YE Still Polling Yemen Government (no URL)
181.GQ Still Polling Equatorial Guinea
182.GR Still Polling Greece
183.HM Still Polling Heard and McDonald Islands
184.ID Still Polling Indonesia
185.IND.TN Still Polling Tunisia Industries
186.INFO.FJ Still Polling Fiji Information
187.INFO.TN Still Polling Tunisia Information
188.INT.AR Still Polling Foreign Embassy in Argentina
189.IO Still Polling British Indian Ocean Territory
190.IR Still Polling Iran
191.KG Still Polling Kyrgyzstan
192.KH Still Polling Cambodia
193.KW Still Polling Kuwait
194.KY Still Polling Cayman Islands
195.LA Still Polling Lao People's Democratic Republic
196.LB Still Polling Lebanon
197.LC Still Polling Saint Lucia
198.LS Still Polling Lesotho
199.LU Still Polling Luxembourg
200.LV Still Polling Latvia
201.MA Still Polling Morocco
202.MC Still Polling Monaco
203.MD Still Polling Moldova
204.MG Still Polling Madagascar
205.MIL.AR Still Polling Argentina Military
206.MIL.FJ Still Polling Fiji Military
207.MIL.YE Still Polling Yemen Military (no URL)
208.MM Still Polling Myanmar
209.MO Still Polling Macau
210.MP Still Polling Northern Mariana Islands
211.MQ Still Polling Martinique
212.MR Still Polling Mauritania
213.MT Still Polling Malta
214.MU Still Polling Mauritius
215.MZ Still Polling Mozambique
216.NA Still Polling Namibia
217.NAME.FJ Still Polling Fiji Name
218.NET.AI Still Polling Anguilla Network
219.NET.BM Still Polling Bermuda Network
220.NET.BO Still Polling Bolivia Network
221.NET.FJ Still Polling Fiji Network
222.NET.MH Still Polling Marshall Islands Network
223.NET.TN Still Polling Tunisia Network
224.NET.VN Still Polling Vietnam Network
225.NET.YE Still Polling Yemen Network (no URL)
226.NF Still Polling Norfolk Island
227.NI Still Polling Nicaragua
228.NP Still Polling Nepal
229.NU Still Polling Niue *
230.OFF.AI Still Polling Anguilla Offshore
231.OM Still Polling Oman
232.OR.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Organizations
233.ORG.AI Still Polling Anguilla Organization
234.ORG.BM Still Polling Bermuda Organization
235.ORG.BO Still Polling Bolivia Organization
236.ORG.FJ Still Polling Fiji Organization
237.ORG.TN Still Polling Tunisia Organization
238.ORG.VN Still Polling Vietnam Organization
239.ORG.YE Still Polling Yemen Organization (no URL)
240.PA Still Polling Panama
241.PE Still Polling Peru
242.PH Still Polling Philippines
243.PM Still Polling St. Pierre and Miquelon
244.PN Still Polling Pitcairn
245.PRO.FJ Still Polling Fiji Pro
246.PS Still Polling Palestine
247.PY Still Polling Paraguay
248.QA Still Polling Qatar
249.RE Still Polling Reunion
250.RW Still Polling Rwanda
251.SA.CR Still Polling Costa Rica Health
252.SB Still Polling Solomon Islands
253.SCHOOL.FJ Still Polling Fiji School
254.SD Still Polling Sudan
255.SG Still Polling Singapore
256.SO Still Polling Somalia
257.SR Still Polling Surinam
258.ST Still Polling Sao Tome and Principe
259.SU Still Polling USSR (former)
260.SZ Still Polling Swaziland
261.TD Still Polling Chad
262.TF Still Polling French Southern Territories
263.TG Still Polling Togo
264.TH Still Polling Thailand
265.TJ Still Polling Tajikistan
266.TK Still Polling Tokelau
267.TP Still Polling East Timor
268.TT Still Polling Trinidad and Tobago
269.TZ Still Polling Tanzania
270.UA Still Polling Ukraine
271.UM Still Polling United States Minor Outlying Island
272.UY Still Polling Uruguay
273.UZ Still Polling Uzbekistan
274.VC Still Polling Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
275.WF Still Polling Wallis and Futuna Islands
276.YT Still Polling Mayotte
277.ZM Still Polling Zambia
278.AItop level not used4 second levelsAnguilla
279.ALtop level not used5 second levelsAlbania
280.ANtop level not used0 second levelsNetherlands
281.AOtop level not used0 second levelsAngola (no URL)
282.ARtop level not used6 second levelsArgentina
283.AUtop level not used1 second levelsAustralia
284.BAtop level not used0 second levelsBosnia
285.BDtop level not used0 second levelsBangladesh (no URL)
286.BNtop level not used0 second levelsBrunei
287.BOtop level not used4 second levelsBolivia
288.BTtop level not used0 second levelsBhutan
289.CKtop level not used0 second levelsCook Islands
290.CNtop level not used2 second levelsChina
291.CRtop level not used7 second levelsCosta Rica
292.CUtop level not used0 second levelsCuba
293.CYtop level not used0 second levelsCyprus
294.ECtop level not used0 second levelsEcuador
295.ERtop level not used0 second levelsEritrea
296.FJtop level not used11 second levelsFiji
297.GBtop level not used0 second levelsGreat Britain
298.GNtop level not used0 second levelsGuinea
299.GUtop level not used0 second levelsGuam
300.HKtop level not used1 second levelsHong Kong
301.HNtop level not used0 second levelsHonduras
302.HUtop level not used1 second levelsHungary
303.ILtop level not used1 second levelsIsrael
304.INtop level not used10 second levelsIndia
305.JMtop level not used0 second levelsJamaica
306.JPtop level not used6 second levelsJapan
307.KEtop level not used1 second levelsKenya
308.KRtop level not used4 second levelsKorea, Republic of (South)
309.LRtop level not used0 second levelsLiberia
310.MHtop level not used2 second levelsMarshall Islands
311.MLtop level not used0 second levelsMali
312.MYtop level not used0 second levelsMalaysia
313.NZtop level not used1 second levelsNew Zealand
314.PGtop level not used0 second levelsPapua New Guinea
315.PRtop level not used0 second levelsPuerto
316.SAtop level not used0 second levelsSaudi
317.SLtop level not used0 second levelsSierra (no URL)
318.SVtop level not used0 second levelsEl Salvador
319.TNtop level not used5 second levelsTunisia
320.TRtop level not used1 second levelsTurkey
321.TWtop level not used4 second levelsTaiwan
322.UKtop level not used6 second levelsUnited Kingdom
323.VEtop level not used0 second levelsVenezuela
324.VNtop level not used2 second levelsVietnam
325.YEtop level not used5 second levelsYemen (no URL)
326.YUtop level not used0 second levelsYugoslavia
327.ZAtop level not used0 second levelsSouth Africa
328.ZWtop level not used0 second levelsZimbabwe
329.BJ0not in useBenin (no URL)
330.BV0not in useBouvet Island
331.BW0not in useBotswana (no URL)
332.CS0not in useCzechoslovakia (former non-existent) (no URL)
333.DM0not in useDominica (no URL)
334.EH0not in useWestern Sahara (no URL)
335.FK0not in useFalkland Islands (no URL)
336.GA0not in useGabon (no URL)
337.GD0not in useGrenada (no URL)
338.GW0not in useGuinea-Bissau (no URL)
339.GY0not in useGuyana (no URL)
340.HT0not in useHaiti (no URL)
341.IQ0not in useIraq (no URL)
342.JO0not in useJordan (no URL)
343.KI0not in useKiribati (no URL)
344.KM0not in useComoros (no URL)
345.KN0not in useSaint Kitts and Nevis (no URL)
346.KP0not in useKorea, Democratic People's Republic (no URL)
347.MV0not in useMaldives (no URL)
348.NC0not in useNew Caledonia (no URL)
349.NE0not in useNiger (no URL)
350.NG0not in useNigeria (no URL)
351.NR0not in useNauru (no URL)
352.PF0not in useFrench Polynesia (no URL)
353.PW0not in usePalau (no URL)
354.SC0not in useSeychelles (no URL)
355.SJ0not in useSvalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
356.SY0not in useSyrian Arab Republic (no URL)
357.VA0not in useHoly See (Vatican City State) (no URL)
358.ZR0not in useZaire (non-existent, see Congo) (no URL)
 Total46,061,5320All Major TLDs in the World

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